Worst first post EVAR

Wrecked car

Woke up on Saturday to . . . this. A sleepy and/or drunken idjit ran off the road and ruined the wonderful gift I got from Laura and Jared. Yuck yuck, goddamned yuck. At least the insurance end of things is running smoothly so far.


5 thoughts on “Worst first post EVAR

  1. Raven's Star says:

    Oh wow, that is TEH SUCK. Insurance should take care of it though, since it can’t possibly be your fault, right?

  2. Joe R. says:

    You’d think…. don’t count on it:

    I was parked just off the road once, at my sister’s house, facing against traffic. Someone who was going at least 10 or 15 MPH over the limit (probably more) went off the road, hit my car on the side (that’s the side *away* from the road), proceeded to hit the telephone poll next to my sister’s house (which then fell, landing on her porch roof) and then hit my sister’s van and her husband’s truck before coming to a stop.

    At the final resolution they were determined to be 85% at fault.

  3. Kaye says:

    Hmmm…Friday night…fell asleep at the wheel…I’m guessing he wasn’t completely straight. At least he had the decency to report it! How did you not hear him hit?

  4. Jared Harvey says:

    Wow that sucks man. Glad to hear the insurance is going well. I remember when Laura and I lived in Barre. One night the bars were closing, a drunk driver took out the pole next to my car. I lucked out, the pole didn’t hit my vehicle, but it was darn close. I could touch the pole and my car with one hand if I wanted to.

    Hope it keeps going well.

  5. Batamount says:

    Ow! Thats not where it was parked when it was hit, right? Thats a steep hill for him to be driving up.

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