Mom’s gone

So we had a very nice visit with my mom this week. She’s a very low-key guest, always happy to read a book or do a crossword puzzle if no exciting touristy stuff is in the offing. We found a great walking trail in Plainfield, a well-maintained railroad bed from the village’s industrial days. I finally went to the Fairbanks Museum after ten years of living in Vermont. The myriad stuffed birds were not terribly impressive, but they had a nice little exhibit on Vermont inventors and a great collection of poorly-labeled trinkets, weapons, and clothing from around the world. I have an urge to jettison my consonants, steal the museum’s outrigger and South Seas reed armor, and attempt to colonize islands in Lake Champlain.

Mom’s a’comin’!

My mom is coming up to Vermont for the first time in a few years! Gas is making the RV very expensive to run and the price of flights has gone way up too. She found out that Amtrak was the best way to come up, surprisingly–I don’t think I’ve been on a passenger train since I was 5 years old. It’ll be great having her up here during such a nice season (late May). There’s farmer’s markets, good hiking, King Arthur Flour, and lots more; this should be a fun visit. 🙂


Always nice to have an interesting new place to eat. It’s in Burlington, but I get there often enough. Sadie Katz Deli has opened up in the ancient Oasis Diner location. Lots of good Jewish food there including amazingcheese blintzes. I brought Suri home some chopped liver, a knish, and half of my oniony brisket sandwich. I know their pickles, latkes, and matzo ball soup aer good as well, though I haven’t tried the whiting salad or pastrami. They’re open until 4 pm on weekdays, which helps me a lot–I often find myself hungry during slack time, when most restaurants are closed.

Easily amused

This morning, I had to rinse a bunch of coffee grounds out of the kitchen sink. The nearest container to hand was a cocktail glass, so I repeatedly filled it with water and threw it on the grounds with the faucet running to get everything down the drain. By the third time, I was pretending to be starring in an old movie and throwing my drink in a guy’s face. I would say, “You cad!” “How could you!” “You told me you were through!” I kept this up for longer than was strictly necessary to clean the sink.