Easily amused

This morning, I had to rinse a bunch of coffee grounds out of the kitchen sink. The nearest container to hand was a cocktail glass, so I repeatedly filled it with water and threw it on the grounds with the faucet running to get everything down the drain. By the third time, I was pretending to be starring in an old movie and throwing my drink in a guy’s face. I would say, “You cad!” “How could you!” “You told me you were through!” I kept this up for longer than was strictly necessary to clean the sink.


3 thoughts on “Easily amused

  1. Kaye says:

    That’s ok. Last night I think I watched the first 10 minutes of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure which was 9.5 minutes longer than was strictly necessary. ;o)

  2. drscorpio says:

    You, sir, are no gentleman!

  3. Tyler says:

    Dude, you need to get out of the house.

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