Light! Must remember the light!

We just had a quick but destructive thunderstorm pass through Vermont. It knocked out power to our place for over a day. Amazingly, much of our food is salvageable, but an unplanned grocery trip is still going to hurt the budget. I had a very rough time of things the first night of the blackout–not because of the usual concerns (can’t watch things, can’t wander around online, can’t cook), but because I really didn’t need anything to emphasize powerlessness in my life. It was dark, very quiet, and I’d just had an unpleasant conversation with a bill collector that afternoon.

Today’s much better, I’m glad to say. I just applied for a job at Fletcher Allen where I could totally kick ass; I’m working atRiver Run, which always makes me feel useful; I’ve got a meeting coming up for my first paid web work; and it’s a gob-smacking gorgeous day outside. Here’s to alternating current, gainful employment, and better times.