And in more important matters

A wyrm poacher helps me on my way to the endgame

I’ve been playing WoW since January 2007, and this is the first character I’ve gotten to level 70. Jeremin’s a holy paladin on the Kirin Tor server, and I never would have made it this far without my peeps, the Pig and Whistle Explorer’s Society. Now let’s get started on that rep grind.

Gainful god-damned employment!

Hey folks, for anyone that doesn’t know, I’m finally working full-time again. I’m doing tech support for GlobalNet, an independent ISP based out of Essex Junction. We still have a lot of dial-up customers over the country, but the cool newer thing that’s going on is wireless broadband access from land-based towers. We’re mostly covering the islands and northwestern Vermont right now, but it’d be a cool service to expand so more Vermonters can download giant unwanted e-mails and watch the YouTubes.