Gainful god-damned employment!

Hey folks, for anyone that doesn’t know, I’m finally working full-time again. I’m doing tech support for GlobalNet, an independent ISP based out of Essex Junction. We still have a lot of dial-up customers over the country, but the cool newer thing that’s going on is wireless broadband access from land-based towers. We’re mostly covering the islands and northwestern Vermont right now, but it’d be a cool service to expand so more Vermonters can download giant unwanted e-mails and watch the YouTubes.


3 thoughts on “Gainful god-damned employment!

  1. Tyler says:


    Does this mean you’re commuting to Burlington, or do you get to work from home?

  2. litlfrog says:

    I’m commuting, sadly. It’ll be OK for a while, but I know it’s not a long term solution. If the job looks like a good bet for a longer haul, we’ll probably move to the area next year.

  3. Soundacious says:


    Well, that was a long time coming. Congrats, Joe. We need good people at the boards to keep all those bastards from blocking the TOOBZ!

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