Local radio–who knew?

So the old Suby I got has deep technology from before the dawn of time: a cassette deck. I’ve divested myself of all my old cassettes, so until I get a digital music player to hook in through a cassette adapter, I’ve been listening to the radio on my beautiful, overlong commute to Essex Junction. I knew the local stations already, of course. There’s mp103, a station with the new, fairly eclectic Jack-FM format; the Buzz, an alternative station with an emphasis on harder-edged rock and emo; and the Point, one of the best Adult Album Alternative stations in the country. (The college stations often have good shows, but I can only get signal for about 10 minutes of the drive). I’ve relied on CDs of the music that I love for a long time, and I miss listening to them every day . . .

But. I’m hearing some great music these days. I occasionally have to listen to ads, but I’m surprised that I can find so much stuff I like just by restlessly switching stations. I’ve found out about Flobots, an alternative rap band playing Burlington in a couple of weeks. Check out the video for “Handlebars” if you don’t know the band. I’ve heard Coldplay’s new hit “When I Ruled the World,” an earworm that absolutely will not get out of my head. Just this morning I heard “Add Me,” a witty, biting, shuffling song that I never would have guessed came from Chumbawumba. I know that one day soon I’ll have access to all my CDs and mp3s, but I think even then I’ll need to pay a little more attention to the wisdom of program directors.


One thought on “Local radio–who knew?

  1. kayejazz says:

    Word to the DJ! I agree with your assessment of the stations in question.

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