Thanks, Russia!

I tell you, participation in the world community and striving for prosperity is for suckers. What you should do is fan the flames of nationalism until your neighbors cower around you, threaten Poland with military strikes, and try to overthrow the popular leader of a sovereign nation. Oh, and start a new cult of personality around Vladimir Putin; that Stalin guy worked out GREAT. I’ve really been missing that Cold War fear of T-80s rumbling through the Fulda Gap and Backfire bombers heading God knows where. The warm, paranoiac feeling is just flooding back.


3 thoughts on “Thanks, Russia!

  1. Kaye-Kaye says:

    WTF, world leaders????? Haven’t they learned from the Ahmurcans? Sheesh. Maybe that’s their solution to global warming — bring back the Cold War.

  2. bieksia says:

    I like your style!

    Here’s my sentiments on the very same subject.

    Putin the Pied Piper

    Like Stalin before him, Putin has chosen to use his accomplished team of criminal manipulators to veil the true intentions of his criminal enterprize. And is quickly leading the people of Russia towards a return to an oppressive and dangerous soviet style regime. Many, who have been spurred on by a false sense of invicibility and the promise of continued economic growth and prosperity follow his lead blindly and without consideration for the rights of the people of surrounding nations as well as their own. Any attempt by those who wish to force fair practices and accountibility upon the new ruling class are quickly beaten to submission and silenced. Elections are a spectacle of smoke and mirrors. Only token fragment of true democracy is left on a plate for the masses to consume in order to draw their attention away from the lavish feast of power being enjoyed by Russian leaders…behind closed doors. Only political parties and figures which do not represent any threat to the ruling classes are allowed to remain. In order to give an appearance of the existance of democracy in Russia. Major threats within Russia and the ‘Near Abroad’ are often silenced or removed. Such is the dark hand of Russia.

    Those who wake up to new found finacial security or even fortune continue to sing songs of praise for him and all he has done for the Russian People. They have developed a ravenous hunger for any form of propoganda, misinformation or even blatant lies that will allow them to justify their actions. Even if they are at the expence of their ‘unappreciative’ neighbors. Many are willing to send their sons off to war in support of their ill founded ‘advancements’.

    Others remain fearful and silent, as have their grandfathers and fathers and uncles during the time of Stalin. They prefer to live their lives in fear rather than to risk their lives in an attempt to bring honor to those who were torn from their families, never again to be heard from.

    it is only a matter of time before they will once again spend sleepless nights in anticipation of that ‘knock at the door’ in the middle of the night. Then only will they realize that their silence has brought horrible misfortune as they are torn away from their wives and children in the same manner as Stalin’s victims.

    Others who bathe themselves in thoughts of glory and wealth will also come to realize that the wealth they enjoy is dependant upon the prosperity of the very nations they desire to dominate and intimidate. Most of Russia’s new found wealth comes from sales of Oil and other less import commodities to such nations.

    As Russians cotinue to press forward with illusions of a return to the days the ‘Glory of the Empire’ they will allienate the very nations that fuel their success.

    Drink now from the ‘well of fortune’ and satisfy your inquenchable thirsts.

    The well is soon to become dry.

    Perhaps you will learn to turn your thoughts away from Putin the Pied Piper before he leads you to a return to misfortune and your inevitable demise.


  3. bieksia says:

    Follow up on my previous comment,

    Last night while watching CNN they offered the news that Russia’s stock market has fallen by 25% since the start of their aggression against the Georgian Nation!

    ….Watch as the “Well of fortune” continues to empty as a result!

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