Why can’t I ignore trolls?

You couldn’t find a clearer example. A new user joins the boards at RPGNet and posts bog-standard Republican spam about Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright. The smart move is to wait for him to get banned for a personal attack–how long could that take? But no, I have to read everything he writes, go into details of how he’s misinformed, how his posts are knee-jerk copypasta neocon talking points. Discussing anything with him is a waste of my time, effort, and intellectual energies. But, but . . . he’s WRONG ON THE INTERNET!!


2 thoughts on “Why can’t I ignore trolls?

  1. Tyler says:

    I really don’t get the cause or justification for the seething vitriol I see in forum discussion. Seriously, if someone says something I think is stupid or whatever, I ignore them. It’s just the internet and their opinion has no affect on my life.

    Of course, my activity on RPGnet these days is mostly reduced to tagging threads in Tabletop Open and Other Media. I am such a librarian at heart.

  2. Kaye-Kaye says:

    Because it’s WRONG!!
    You really need to work on that time-wasting problem of yours. You know that your well-thought out, carefully researched attempt to educate the morons of the internets is not going to affect those who engage in such short-sighted cut and dry opinion mongering. But, if you still feel compelled to try, Fight the Good Fight!

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