Redneck wedding!

When Frank Serio first came to visit me in Vermont, I met him at a gas station in town because directions to our apartment were hard to describe. There was maybe ten minutes between his calling me to say that he’d arrived and my showing up to greet him. His first words after the usual “So great to see you,” big hug, etc. was “Boy, they’ve got rednecks everywhere, don’t they?”

Yes. Yes they do.


6 thoughts on “Redneck wedding!

  1. Kaye-Kaye says:

    Wow. Um…really?

  2. Gravity says:

    Welllll…. this is from my sister’s wedding last fall.

    And yes, that IS their baby.
    (Also, it was held in the parking lot where he works, on his break.)


  3. litlfrog says:

    K., that’s hilarious! Would the boss not even give him the day off for his wedding?!

  4. drscorpio says:

    Immortalized on litlblog!
    I had forgotten that moment. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Gravity says:

    His boss would not. Didn’t even want to give him his break.
    Kind of a dick, I guess. We all had to sit around for about 3 hours while his boss delayed and delayed his break (at a job changing truck tires) before he got his 20 minute break.

  6. Raven's Star says:

    Ha ha Frank! How is he?

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