Something needs to change

So tired. At first I was coping well with the job, but the long days are starting to wear on me. I’m away from home 11 hours a day minimum. The apartment is descending into chaos, I can’t focus to work on my friend Casey’s webpage, I don’t have the energy to exercise–I’m even having a hard time reading. Most of my days seem like a cycle of wake up, pour a little coffee down my throat, work (and I like the work fine), collapse in front of the computer and maybe watch a TV show, play some WoW or Civ4. That’s not enough of a life, and I want something to change–soon.


2 thoughts on “Something needs to change

  1. Tyler says:

    Do you think you’ll be able to telecommute, or have to relocate to Chittenden county?

  2. litlfrog says:

    Telecommuting would work great for this job, but I don’t think the owner would invest in the work to make that happen. If it looks like this job is a long-term thing and I can see some opportunity to advance and learn more, we’ll move somewhere around Essex Junction.

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