World of Nicecraft

I love my guild in World of Warcraft. We’ve got close to 500 characters, so there are always people to talk to (and maybe do an instance run with); monetary help getting the starter mount; and a free set of netherweave bags to carry around all that phat lewt. I don’t think I ever would have stuck with World of Warcraft for this long without the smart, easygoing, fun, grown-up people of the Pig and Whistle Explorers’ Society. We’re an Alliance guild on Kirin Tor founded by and for members of the RPGNet forums. No one calling each other gay, no one writing like an ICanHazCheezburger server that gained sentience, no one whinging about us taking all the good gear.

I especially love our guild boss. There’s remarkably little guild drama, as close to zero as I think it’s realistically possible to get. I haven’t seen any problems crop up since the boats started sailing to Northrend, but before long there’ll be enough guild members to start the endgame raids. Here’s his pre-emptive strike over raiding arguments.

I’m instituting a zero tolerance policy right now for anyone belittling another guild mate about their raiding prospects or the speed at which they level. I won’t get in to a he said, she said about it. If you feel that another guild member has insulted you, or said that you’re never going to raid or whatever, take some screen shots and send them to me and I’ll review them. Anyone proven to have insulted the speed another guild member levels or demeans their future prospects with the guild will be removed from the guild. No strikes, no slaps on the wrist. Do not make me turn this car around, I will drive home.


4 thoughts on “World of Nicecraft

  1. Tyler says:

    I’d tell you get out before it’s too late, but that moment has clearly passed. πŸ˜‰

  2. drscorpio says:

    Sounds wonderful!
    I wish I could conquer my anti-Alliance prejudice enough to enjoy P&W. 😦

  3. litlfrog says:

    Would you care to elaborate on that, Doc? I feel like Blizzard does a good job of making the Alliance and the Horde pretty equally interesting and sympathetic. And honestly, they’ve got a longer way to go in making the Horde likable–orcs are brutish, the Forsaken live in a Tim Burton/Haunted Mansion city of undead, blood elves allied themselves with the naga and Illidan, etc. Is there something specific you dislike about the Alliance, or the Alliance races?

  4. drscorpio says:

    Yeah, I totally agree that Blizzard does a good job of making the two sides equally appealing. My problem is based in early experiences with players. I played in a Horde guild in the Beta Test on the PVP server. At that point, there was no real content for the level capped players – no raid dungeons, no battlegrounds. The activity of choice was harassing characters trying to level. It was almost impossible to get through Hillsbrad without having a level 60 guildie to guard you, and there was no good alternative to leveling there. After the 100th time of being ganked and then corpse camped by Alliance smacktards, it started to get old. So just some bad formative experiences.

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