Volatile brain chemistry

I ran out of St. John’s Wort last night. Being out of that, I realized this morning that I also didn’t take any Melatonin or Valerian, two supplements that I normally have every night without fail. I’m feeling very awake today, and not at all like I’ve been at work for 8 hours. But I’m a little edgy, a little distractible, very frustrated at being unable to buy Christmas presents. I’m not on any heavy psychoactive medications, but I’m a different person on those herbs than I am off of them. When I stop, I often feel better for a day or two, but those in the know around me inevitably notice my temper and mood swings, pleading with me to go back on again. My odd feelings today weren’t helped by a brief, polite message rejecting a Facebook friend request because of my past. I’m a simultaneously cheery, haunted, caffeinated, scattered, frustrated, and energetic little frog.


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