You must be Germanically precise

This is a peeve of mine with customers. (It’d probably be a peeve of mine with computer users in general, but it doesn’t usually come up). If you tell me in conversation that your e-mail address is, for instance, “Rutherford B. Hayes at gmail” I can work out what that means. I have deductive and inductive capabilities and have life experience that can translate those words into “”

Most computer software can’t do that at all. Sure, search engines like Google can use some heuristic analysis to make sense out of misspellings, things left out, characters in the wrong order, etc. But if you need to send an e-mail to and you instead type, that mail will never go through. You have to tell the computer exactly what website to go to, exactly which addresses to e-mail, exactly which password to submit. Maybe it’s because I came up in a command line environment, but this is something I’ve felt like I always understood about computers. To end this post on a less grumpy note, I’ll leave you with my favorite tribute to the command console, MC Frontalot’s “It Is Pitch Dark.”


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