An unexpected sitcom

Soon after The Big Bang Theory first aired, I tried to watch the first episode. It seemed as silly and fake as any other half-hour American comedy, so I quickly gave it a pass. A friend with little tolerance for bog-standard American sitcoms told me that the show was actually quite good. I gave it just a little bit more of a chance and I’m utterly hooked. It’s nice to be watching something that at least occasionally reflects my own life–lolcat spam, trying to find a tank, a new hot girl who’s (gasp) not skinny, arguments that depend on a deep understanding of comic book history. One of the show’s most interesting aspects: it doesn’t draw things out, forcing essentially comic characters into pathos. When there’s a breakup, it by-God gets done so we can move on to the funny. If you’ve got an appreciation for geek culture, I suggest giving the show a try.


One thought on “An unexpected sitcom

  1. Justin says:

    I tried to watch it, but stupid old people cbs only had clips. “Hmm, let’s make a geek show that you can’t watch on the web, that’s thinking outside the box!” And they wanted to make me watch a commercial for a 1.5 minute clip.
    If I were a indie rock band influenced by Wilco and the Flaming Lips, I’d be My Morning Cranky.

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