That new OS smell

There’s something very exciting about a new installation of an operating system, right? *crickets chirp* Well, there is to me. 🙂 By all rights the configuration, installation of new programs, and inevitable delays should be tedious and and awful, yet somehow I kind of enjoy it. There’s no cruft, no old security threats waiting to rear up and bite you, no programs adopted too quickly and abandoned, no system slowdowns or bloat. I’ve finally gotten a mostly working version of PC-BSD on a computer at work. I’ve never really used a non-Linux UNIX system before, so it’s all very new to me. But so far things are reasonably stable and surprising and different, so I’m going to enjoy this while it lasts.


Funniest work call ever!

So I answer the phone Thursday like usual. The caller is a guy with a faint accent, maybe from somewhere in the Middle East or South Asia. And he’s annoyed and flustered, saying something like, “Oh, I didn’t think I would get a man, there was a woman in the picture on your ad, there on your webpage. I don’t think it’s fair that you would pick up the phone” blah blah blah. Not sure what’s going on, I say very kindly, “This is — Internet Services, what can I do for you.” He finally says, “Well, why don’t you tell me what kind of services you offer.” I’m kind of relieved that he’s in a part of the country where we only do dial-up, so he could say “No, I don’t need that, goodbye” and hang up. I GUESS he’d been just wandering around the Internet and found a page on our site with this picture:

Stock photo on our website

Stock photo on our website

He actually thought that because this picture was on our site, she would answer the phone. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t looking for Internet service at all, he just wanted to chat up the girl who answers phones. Are people seriously this naive/desperate? Has this ever worked in the history of sad troll calls? If this guy actually thinks that the hot women pictured on random websites are the people who he’ll actually get in touch with, I think his disappointment is just beginning . . .