This movie is rated for . . .

We watched Wanted last night. Not a brilliant movie, but lots of fun and made by someone who obviously cared about his work. (Check out the director’s earlier Russian films Night Watch and Day Watch for more insane action.) One thing that amused me was how specific ratings advisories are now–it’s not just violence, it’s “constant bloody violence.” Seriously–that’s a quote from the warning before the film started. My favorite was that the film was rated “R,” in part, for “pervasive sexuality.” There are a couple of brief sex shots, but they only last a few minutes. I realized that there was only possible explanation: the movie was rated for “pervasive sexuality” because Angelina Jolie is in most scenes. Not doing anything sexual, usually–just being Angelina Jolie. I guess her entire being counts as pervasively sexual or something.

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One thought on “This movie is rated for . . .

  1. Red Joe says:

    I took my 13 year old son to see that film.

    Have at me.

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