Empty like the Tao

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on getting my e-mail inbox to zero. Behold the results!


Every e-mail I’ve received at work has been dealt with–deleted, acted upon, archived for future reference, or placed in a folder where I’m waiting for information from others. I’m an organizing mo-sheen!


3 thoughts on “Empty like the Tao

  1. Kaye-Kaye says:

    Now if you could just make your gmail inbox as empty! (*ducks*)

  2. litlfrog says:

    In all fairness, Gmail’s kind of a different animal. For one thing, Gmail doesn’t support folders–they use the combination of a tagging system and Google search to make e-mails a snap to find. Because I started the account by forwarding a lot of messages from my former ISP’s account before it expired, there are a lot of mails that show as unread that are actually e-mails I’ve dealt with years ago, but didn’t want to lose. It just doesn’t seem worth the effort to do that kind of organization on my backlog of mails in Google.

  3. drscorpio says:

    Remember, the inbox that can be emptied is not the true inbox

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