Music quiz

Crossposted from Facebook, for anyone who’s interested and hasn’t seen it. By all means do one for your own site if you’re moved to.

1. What was the first album (cassette, vinyl, CD, 8 track) you owned?
This is tough. I remember some kids’ albums: Gene Autry, a Star Wars dialogue album, Monster Mash. The first album I remember consciously buying because I was aware of the music was “Kiss: Alive.”

2. Do you still listen to it?
Long lost to the ravages of time, but the music still rocks me.

3. Who is your favorite Beatle?
Don’t have one; I’ve always thought the band was much more than the sum of its members.

4. What was your first concert/live show? (artist and year)
Lou Rawls. It was at the Fort Polk army base in Leesville, must have been ’83 and ’84?

5. Favorite or most memorable live show?
the Pogues, summer of 1988 at Tipitina’s.

6. Favorite album cover?
don’t have one

7. Favorite Beatles album or song?
At this moment, favorite album is “Revolver” and song is “Paperback Writer”

8. What bands/artists did you like at one time but later come to dislike?
Oh god, the cheese metal. I used to listen to Motley Crue, W.A.S.P., Poison, Raven, et al.

9. Bands/artists you loved back in the day and still love now?
Peter Gabriel, Rush

10. Favorite guitarists?
Jimi Hendrix, Ani DiFranco, Leo Kottke, Kaki King, Wes Montgomery, Chet Atkins, Carrie Brownstein

11. Favorite songwriters?
So many. Fiona Apple, Cole Porter, Neko Case, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Suzanne Vega, David Eugene Edwards, Nellie McKay, Prince, Amanda Palmer, Bjork

12. Favorite male vocalists?
Jeff Buckley, Andy Bey, Oscar Brown Jr., Desmond Dekker, Chris Martin

13. Favorite female vocalists?
Eliza Carthy, Ella Fitzgerald, Betty Carter, PJ Harvey

14. Favorite drummers?
Max Roach, Neil Peart, Evelyn Glenie, Art Blakey

15. Favorite bass players?
Les Claypool, Flea, Charles Mingus

16. Favorite keyboardists?
Jimmy McGriff, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, James Booker, Professor Longhair

17. Favorite albums of all time?
I know that I’m cheating with some greatest hits’ collections in here. I don’t care.
Stevie Wonder—Songs in the Key of Life
Tom Waits—Swordfishtrombones
Suzanne Vega—Nine Objects of Desire
They Might Be Giants—Then: The Earlier Years
Woven Hand–Woven Hand
Ani di Franco—Out of Range
Radiohead—OK Computer
R.E.M.—Life’s Rich Pageant
Sleater-Kinney—The Woods
Smiths—Louder Than Bombs
Pogues—If I Should Fall From Grace with God
Los Lobos—Kiko
Housemartins—Now That’s What I Call Quite Good
(English) Beat—I Just Can’t Stop It
Peter Gabriel—Peter Gabriel III
Dresden Dolls–Dresden Dolls
Nick Drake—Way to Blue: An Introduction to Nick Drake
Elvis Costello—The Very Best of Elvis Costello
Kate Bush—Hounds of Love
Jeff Buckley—Grace
Fiona Apple—Tidal

18. Favorite music biography or documentary?
American Hardcore, with great stuff about the Los Angeles and Washington D.C. hardcore scenes in the early 80s

19. Favorite debut album?
Jeff Buckley–Grace

20. Most overrated bands/artists in your opinion?
eh, I don’t wanna be a hater

21. Favorite new bands/artists?
Hmm, depends on how you define new. I sometimes think of Sleater-Kinney as new, and they’re logically an old band that’s broken up. I’ll set a rule for myself BEFORE I list: first album with widespread distribution released in the last three years.
Antony and the Johnsons, Arctic Monkeys, Lady Sovereign, Fleet Foxes, Vampire Weekend, Amy Winehouse, MGMT


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