Music Library! (haw) What is it good for? Absolutely . . .

My media drive has gotten overly full of stuff and needs a good cleaning off. I realized that I’ve got a fair amount of digital music stored on this HDD that’s not backed up anywhere else, so I’m burning DVDs. Once they’re burned, how much should I delete off the drive? I’m having a hard time deciding. Should I have all my music saved in the library? I’ve got stuff that I might only want for a soundbed, albums that have lost their charm, artists that I have more of than I really need because I had the chance to get a box set. I’ve got bad Chinese pop music because I once wondered, “Hey, I wonder if the Chinese have bad pop music?” Back when eMusic offered unlimited downloads, I grabbed everything I might kind of vaguely want to listen to one day until they changed their pricing policy. I’m feeling increasingly torn between my love of having all my music accessible through one program, my desire for more free hard drive space, and a growing angst about what I’m going to DO with all this music–when will I have time to listen to it all?!


3 thoughts on “Music Library! (haw) What is it good for? Absolutely . . .

  1. Tyler says:

    If your media player of choice supports smart lists, create one with the criteria that the song not have been played in the last year. Put the list on shuffle and begin.

    In March 2010, if the list still isn’t empty, extend the criteria to two years, and continue.

  2. drscorpio says:

    Sounds like someone needs an external hard drive.

  3. litlfrog says:

    That had been my initial intention, but my external hard drive kept being unrecognized by the system. A couple of years ago, I pulled the drive out of the external case and put it in my tower; it’s been running great ever since. So I’ve got lots of space, but it’s formatted as FAT32, and I’ve found myself needing another external drive.

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