Yes indeed, I’m walkin’

A coworker was surprised today that I walked from my office down to a little shopping center. I don’t think it could be more than half a mile away. I know I’m out of shape and a little creaky, but I really LIKE walking and it was a gorgeous day today. More to the point, there’s something about vigorous walking that I take some pride in, and I resist being praised for it even a little bit. Our ancestors took a long time to develop this whole bipedal walking and oversized buttocks business; even as a modern-day sedentary American, I feel like I should be able to walk a few miles or climb a steep hill without it being a big deal. I mean, what if the zombies come?


One thought on “Yes indeed, I’m walkin’

  1. Zen-Zen says:

    I think escaping hungry zombies from within a group of people may equate to the saying about escaping a shark from within a group of people- “I don’t have to out-swim a shark, I just have to out-swim you!” 😉

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