Illness redux

Suri’s suspect for a month or so that she was diabetic. Unfortunately, some bloodwork this week confirmed that. We don’t know yet whether it’s Type I or Type II; Type I seems more likely at this point given how rapidly it developed. We’re a little scared right now, but diabetes is at least treatment for diabetes is well understood and largely in the hands of the patient. We’ve been through some rough health problems in the past. I just wasn’t wanting another one so SOON. It seems like her heart problem (under control now) was just diagnosed yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Illness redux

  1. Kaye-Kaye says:

    Nooo! I banish the ill-health gremlins forever!! Leave our Suri alone!

  2. Zen-Zen says:

    First, my condolences. Diabetes can be damned inconvenient.
    As you say, there are many treatment options and yes, a lot of it is controlled by the patient. If Suri is fortunate enough to get to try being a diet-controlled diabetic, it’s almost all in her hands. Knowing if she’s Type I or Type II will make a huge difference in how things go from here.
    The first couple of months will be the worst. Once you get your brain around all the information things get a lot easier.
    They may give her medicines that don’t really affect diabetes but help protect parts of her body from the disease (there’s a “trend” right now to prescribe certain drugs that offer protection to various organs, usually the kidneys).
    Talk to the doctor. Ask questions if you’re not sure. Even when you’ve done that- research things on your own, develop more questions and ask them next time. Some doctors have more experience with diabetes than others (heck- my last doctor thought being diabetic meant you can’t eat fruit ever again. He’s an idiot.) so your experience will vary.
    Go the regular appointments (usually quarterly). They’re annoying, but necessary. Test blood as directed, keep a chart of how she’s doing. You will be encouraged by the progress she’s making and it can help you identify problems. (you may notice she’s usually low (or high) at certain times of day and can take action to remedy it). Know that things like a cold or stress can affect blood sugar levels.
    It’s overwhelming, but try not to let it completely overrun you. This is manageable. Say it with me: this is manageable. Once more, loud & proud: THIS IS MANAGEABLE.
    There’s a diabetic in this household and most days it’s not an issue for us anymore, but the first few months were hell.

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