Introducing . . . Aimee!

aimee the catWe got a wonderful new kitten last week. A coworker of a friend had a litter of calicos to find homes for and I selflessly volunteered. We looked at the litter of four and Suri picked up pretty quick that this one was special. She was friendlier and much more curious than the other kittens, so we called dibs on this one. We named her Aimee.

Likes: pettings, climbing on us even when we are without pants, playing with tangled balls of yarn, eating anything and everything we put in front of her
Dislikes: Being repeatedly placed on the ground when we can’t have a kitten on our lap, being hissed at by the older kitty, finding objects she is unable to climb

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2 thoughts on “Introducing . . . Aimee!

  1. kayejazz says:

    Sounds like a singles ad…

  2. drscorpio says:

    aw kitten

    Very cute.

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