Married for 20 years

Twenty years. I won’t say it feels like our wedding was “just yesterday,” but it sure doesn’t feel like twenty years. Marrying Suri is just about the smartest thing I ever did; the fact that we’ve stuck by each other with all we’ve been through is the part of my life I’m proudest of. (Despite my facial expression in this picture, I am in fact thinking of marital bliss and NOT “Some folks call it a sling blade, hmm, little biscuit with mustard on it, mm hmm.”) I love having someone in my life who I know so well, who understands so much about me, yet we never seem to tire of each other. I love Suri more deeply now than when we first got together back in autumn of 1988 and I hope that love grows deeper roots for the rest of our lives.

Joe and Suri, 20 years on

Joe and Suri, 20 years on


4 thoughts on “Married for 20 years

  1. 20 years? You just blew … my … mind.

    Seriously, Joe, congratulations isn’t a strong enough word. Best, best wishes to both of yez. You’re awesome.

  2. drscorpio says:


  3. Amananta says:


    I feel old šŸ˜›


  4. Mary says:

    As a 20+er myself, it don’t get better than this!

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