A toy from the distant past

Probably my favorite toy as a kid was my Star Trek bridge playset. I didn’t have all of the accompanying large action figures, but I certainly had Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, and a Klingon or two. The whirly transporter was particularly great. The action figures and bridge playset are now being reissued. I’m not a toy guy anymore. I can appreciate action figures, cool toy collections, etc., but almost never spend money on them. This though . . . this I think I need.


3 thoughts on “A toy from the distant past

  1. Kaye-Kaye says:

    I think I saw one of these once. I love the transporter! So, when are we going to see Star Trek?

  2. I totally remember big-voiced announcer guy on the commercial talking about the transporter, and saying “Mister Spock disaPPEARS!”

    Love. This. Playset.

  3. Oh Em Gee. YouTube had the commercial!

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