A very Barre moment

At the stoplight just where you get into Barre, there’s this really well done statue of an Italian granite worker. When high-quality granite was discovered here in the 19th century there weren’t nearly enough skilled laborers in the U.S. to handle the stuff, so lots of immigrants came over from Scotland and Italy . They mined the stuff and shipped it all over the U.S.–if you’ve got a big stone statue or imposing mausoleum near you, there’s about one chance in three that the rock came from this quarry. The town has a rich history of working class struggle, immigrant pride, labor activism, and craftsmanship. I often think about it passing this statue.

Of course I couldn’t enjoy any of that this evening because a loutish sideways-cap-wearin’ degenerate apish meth-addled douchenozzle was angry at the car behind him for some dumbass cracker reason. He hopped out of the beat-up Honda, threw out his chest, flipped the driver the bird, flung a beer can at the car, and generally acted like an adolescent silverback who is afraid he will never be inside a female silverback’s vagina. For all intents and purposes he looked like the guy to the left. In fact, I cannot conclusively prove that the guy in this picture I randomly found on the Internet (I just Googled “wigger”) was not in Barre this evening. It was a nice reminder of why I’m so very, very glad I no longer live in what is now a run-down, skanky, tired old town.

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5 thoughts on “A very Barre moment

  1. Tyler says:

    But the “dance club,” Joe. The “dance club”!

  2. litlfrog says:

    Funnily enough, the neighbor of a friend of mine was fired from Planet Rock for being too unappealing, what with the injection marks. I repeat, she was fired from Planet Rock for looking too skanky.

  3. drscorpio says:

    Nice rant! Bonus points for historical anecdote to set the stage. 🙂

  4. Jon Olender says:

    Oh now, be nice to Barre. Skanky is as skanky does. It is annoying that there is a lot more of the type of people you described living there than when I first lived there. It has gone downhill since I first lived there and thats a shame. It is down, but hopefully not out. Having lived there I cannot take the self-righteousness of Montpelier people. I always resented that they looked down on Barre when I lived there. Barre is pretty skanky though. It does have a strip club, Montpelier doesn’t.

  5. Jon Olender says:

    Yes, there is a thing as too skanky for Planet Rock. I’ve seen and I’ve smelled it.

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