Creepy Halloween videos

I haz them!

Tom Waits, “What’s He Building In There?”

Vast, “Pretty When You Cry”

Horrorpops, “Ghouls”

Not visually¬† creepy, but interesting: “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” performed onstage by Trent Reznor, Peter Murphy, and TV On the Radio

Cadaveria, “Spell”

Aesop Rock, “Coffee”

Tool, “Vicarious”

Nine Inch Nails, “The Perfect Drug”

Rob Zombie, “Living Dead Girl”



Light! Must remember the light

Finally a sunny day that’s warm enough to go outside–and I have to stay inside for lunch. The application server for the stupid VOIP phones was down, so I had to stay in the office during my lunch break to transfer calls to another coworker. We’ve had terrible, buggy service and poor technical support from 8×8 since installing their service. I understand that systems fail sometimes, but not even being able to get hold of a tech there frustrated the hell out of me today. This wasn’t just a work inconvenience–this affected me personally, being unable to get out for some much needed sunshine and exercise. Grr.

And now, some jokes about yo mama

Xeni Jardin devoted a day or so of tweets to playing the dozens, geek-style. Here are a few of my favorites.

Yo mama so fat pkzip can’t compress her.
Yo mama so FAT32, NTFS won’t even give her permission.
Yo momma so fat when she sits around the house she sits around all 10*10*16 multiversal instantiations of the house.
Yo momma’s so big and ugly she lies dreaming in R’lyeh.
Yo momma so fat THX can’t even surround her.

Wackity shmackity doo!

Morning DJs make my head throb at the best of times, but Pete Powers on 99.9 The Buzz just ascended to the next level of clueless. Along with the usual arsenal of sound effects and out-of-context film quotes, he now plays a lame recording of someone saying “Wackity, shmackity doo!” after his shitty jokes. It’s a reference to Patton Oswalt’s second stand-up comedy album, Werewolves and Lollipops; I’ve included a clip below where the relevant bit starts about halfway through.

You see, the WHOLE FUCKING POINT of the bit is that you can’t transform unfunny things into funny things by including lame voice-overs. And no, in this case turning to self-referential ironic mockery doesn’t work either. The DJ’s failure to comprehend this is just so . . . full of fail.