On the absence of parental wisdom

So I’m not a parent, but I do watch Vaughn pretty often. A minor problem between he and his friends today made me realize something. Vaughn accidentally hurt a neighbor kid (very slight, not even a mark), so Vaughn was simultaneously upset and defensive about it; another kid called her a wimp for crying; and she was crying over both being hurt AND being called a wimp. Trying to make sure she wasn’t bleeding and calm her down AND getting Vaughn to accept responsibility and apologize without staying upset took a couple of minutes. My mind was working furiously trying to find the right words and the right tone.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids myself that I found this so difficult, but an amusing and slightly scary thought came to mind. To my friends who are parents and deal with these situations more often, are you . . . are you just making this stuff up as you go along?


One thought on “On the absence of parental wisdom

  1. Raven's Star says:

    We make it up as we go along, mainly.

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