New job, quick summary

1) The person who was supposed to take me on an initial walkthrough for the software called in sick, so I was sort of left to poke around it on my own. It was still a rewarding day.

2) So far I like the folks I’m working with, the shorter commute, and especially the fact that I’ll be given the time needed to do this manual up right. If they’d wanted it done slapdash, they could have been randomly updating their documentation the whole time.

3) The software I’m working with is called Trash Flow, in case any of you want to download the demo for a fantasy garbage hauling business league. It was originally a DOS program and it shows in some of the layout, but it certainly covers a lot of aspects of that industry.

4) Something I wasn’t expecting, but is kinda cool: the main outlet for my documentation will be a Microsoft Help file, so I got to teach myself how to create a .chm file today. It’s dead easy.

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