I’m a good co-worker

I’m not talking about being a good worker, though from my highly biased perspective I think I am. I mean that I’m good at working in an office with fellow humanoids. I make the effort to learn both the official rules and the unspoken do’s and don’ts of each office culture. (And they’re all different. I’ve worked places where you got scowled at all morning for being 10 minutes late, places where a Friday beer was a normal occurrence, places where you could never throw a banana peel in the garbage.) Is your child’s school having a fundraiser? You won’t be able to explain why they’re raising money before my checkbook is out. I scrupulously make up any emergency use of someone else’s tea, coffee, or milk, but barely notice if someone else takes mine. I avoid unnecessary arguments, stay far away from power games, do my best to avoid getting others in trouble. If there’s a potluck, I will bring something awesome.

I just feel like it’s a worthwhile asset and a real skillset that I’ve worked on. I wish there was some tasteful way to list it on a resumé.

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One thought on “I’m a good co-worker

  1. Christine says:

    “Proven ability to work as an integral part of a team.”

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