Definitely in my top 10 ever bad weeks

A run of bad luck this week is leaving me more drained, frustrated, and fragile than I’ve felt in years. My car broke down, the fan on our video card went on the fritz, a friend’s computer that I built a few years back started doing poorly, and a malfunctioning air conditioner has left us with a hot, stuffy apartment and a sodden, mildewing carpet. I can usually cope with computer problems, but it took a coworker’s help to diagnose the problem with the graphics fan. My friend’s computer is a different story: that problem definitely started as a virus, but after reformatting and reinstalling, it still won’t even boot to Windows reliably. It’s acting less like a virus and more like a dying mobo. The car is fixed, but I’m still not sure what to do about the AC and carpet. I’m not mechanically inclined and just feel lost when attempting to deal with those sort of problems. There’s a chance that the one local appliance repair place can’t even look at our AC; if that happens, we might have to buy a new window unit because some nothing little part died. All I know about fixing carpeting is that it’s usually done by guys in tank tops. But there’s no one to take care of our building right now and not much money to spare, so I have to at least TRY before calling in a professional.


2 thoughts on “Definitely in my top 10 ever bad weeks

  1. Kaye-Kaye says:

    Aw, Joey it’ll get better. I appreciate all the work you’ve done on my computer. It might just be its time. I think the saying that “a team is only as strong as its weakest member” really applies here. Most of the thing is in good shape. It just doesn’t mean much when something else goes Kaputzen. (((hugs and better luck)))

  2. Red Joe says:

    If I were there you know I’d totally put on a tank top and help you with that carpeting (but only after donning a headband and jean cut-offs in a montage set to the classic A-Team theme song). Hang in there, old chum—I’m pulling for you.

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