Writing blog posts

For whatever reason I’ve found regular writing more difficult over the last few years. A friend of mine writes in advance and sets up scheduled posts for every day, and most of them are pretty darn good. drscorpio gently pointed out that a Scholars’ College graduate like myself should have little trouble coming up with a few paragraphs for a blog post–and he’s absolutely right. I’m not sure what’s changed. My attention span is generally shorter now that I’m watching television more often than reading James Joyce, but I ALWAYS loved TV. The most formidable problem is feeling rushed and pressured, even though I know perfectly well that no one’s out there waiting with bated breath for me to write about the cultural contributions of Gamera, or how the Fucked Up song “Anorak City” is simultaneously great hardcore and a sly nod to the C86 scene, or that I continue to drive broke-ass cars. In any case, I’ve determined to write more frequently. The Duke of Wellington held that “Habit is ten times nature,” and it’s one of the truest sayings I know. Perhaps what I most need to ease the act of writing is writing itself.


I’m a good co-worker

I’m not talking about being a good worker, though from my highly biased perspective I think I am. I mean that I’m good at working in an office with fellow humanoids. I make the effort to learn both the official rules and the unspoken do’s and don’ts of each office culture. (And they’re all different. I’ve worked places where you got scowled at all morning for being 10 minutes late, places where a Friday beer was a normal occurrence, places where you could never throw a banana peel in the garbage.) Is your child’s school having a fundraiser? You won’t be able to explain why they’re raising money before my checkbook is out. I scrupulously make up any emergency use of someone else’s tea, coffee, or milk, but barely notice if someone else takes mine. I avoid unnecessary arguments, stay far away from power games, do my best to avoid getting others in trouble. If there’s a potluck, I will bring something awesome.

I just feel like it’s a worthwhile asset and a real skillset that I’ve worked on. I wish there was some tasteful way to list it on a resumé.

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Really hot

It’s hot. Damn hot. The AC in our building is working, but it doesn’t do a great job. The last 700 years or so of technological development have been centered around northern Europe. I think that’s because they’re not so hot. If I was in Tenochtitlan or Ouagadougou or Chennai, I wouldn’t want to build shit either. I would want to minimize all events that weren’t lying in the shade and drinking cold wine. This message is brought to you by Joe, who is really hot.