My stomach hates me

I’ve been suffering from gastro-esophegeal reflux disorder (GERD) since my early 20s. It’s been stubbornly resistant to changes in diet and lifestyle, to such an extent that I gave up entirely on trying. A regular dose of Prilosec stopped it completely most of the time, and a little Gaviscon or Pepto Bismol took care of the rest. With a resurgence of symptoms and recent reports that long term use of Prilosec can cause health problems, it’s time to try stopping this once and for all. For at least the next month that means no alcohol, no soda, no chocolate, as little tomato and citrus as possible, and worst of all–no coffee. Within two weeks I actually have to transition to no caffeine AT ALL. If this doesn’t work, I need to consult with a gastroenterologist to see if fundoplication surgery is indicated given how long this has been a problem. While it doesn’t happen often, I still occasionally wake up choking or nearly choking as my stomach shoots acid up into my lungs, and that’s seriously scary.

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