Writing a Fiasco supplement

I’m making a playset for the great indie RPG “Fiasco.” The game is designed to emulate films where the shady characters’ plans spin horribly out of control: “Blood Simple,” “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels,” “A Simple Plan,” “Fargo.” My setting is an American Indian reservation, though I’m not sure I want to be too specific with the place and time. I want corrupt Indian agents, beat-up cars, drug dealers, duffel bags with stolen gambling money. I may occasionally ask you guys for ideas; for obvious reasons, Joe and Holly, your input would be especially helpful. The first place I’m stumbling a bit is thinking of workplace-based relationships. I need six, but I’ve only thought of two: a blackjack dealer and a compulsive gambler, and a convenience store owner and a daily customer. Any ideas would be appreciated!