Fiasco on the rez

As a followup to my last post, the Fiasco playset I’ve been working on is finished! I found out at the last moment that the rpggeek website was even holding a contest, so I went ahead and entered it. Perhaps it will bring fame and fortune! (Or more realistically mention on another website and maybe a free book.) If you want to check out the playset, a pdf is available gratis at this link.


2 thoughts on “Fiasco on the rez

  1. Is the process of writing one of these a matter of making lists of interesting elements, or is there more to it — is there some unseen alchemy in which you have to balance or interconnect different kinds of elements (beyond the obvious things like “this object will go well with that location”)?

  2. litlfrog says:

    Well those are good questions–this is my first one, so I don’t really know! The overall goal is, I think, “things that will give the players ideas.” Beyond that, the main thing I’ve noticed in writing this is a balance between very specific hooks and more vague phrases that give the players free rein.

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