Space to move

I’m a fairly big guy. 6 feet tall, and I haven’t seen the south side of 200 lbs. since I was a young undergrad. That size combined with my laxness in housework had an insidious psychological effect on me for years: I found it difficult to move freely in my own home. A box of books here, a laundry basket there, an old milk crate full of software CDs shoved aside for a second–it slowly got to the point where I was stepping carefully, turning sideways, and feeling pinched and constrained when moving around. Our place is relatively small now, but many of our possessions are in storage or in the basement. I cleaned the study last weekend, making me realize that it was getting to that bad point again. I feel happier and more relaxed if I can walk around at night without worrying about a stubbed toe or broken jewel case, so it’s time to be more conscientious about this again.

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One thought on “Space to move

  1. Kaye-Kaye says:

    Teach me, oh Master!

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