Cool Artists I Have Known #5: Dan Moran

Dan listens to Slayer and Diamanda Galas and old Sabbath. He likes winter and Germany and Nietzsche and zombies and Lovecraft and the Battle of Stalingrad. He’s a lot more fun than this description might sound. I’ve recently done a website for Dan; the nearly-done site can be seen at All the relevant art is present.

Mt. Washington Hotel

Mt. Washington Hotel

Truth be told, the lion’s share of Dan’s art isn’t even on this site. It shows Dan’s skill at drawing figures and old buildings for potential customers, but doesn’t include his more common subjects: Great Old Ones, zombies in the World War I trenches, hellish fiends erupting from within sacrificial victims, etc. That site will hopefully be coming along soon, so you can see more of the awesomeness that can come from a Bic ball-point pen.


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