Cool artists I have known #7: Joe Parrie

Viking in Winter

Viking in Winter

Me and Red Joe go way back. Back to the days of funky dorm rooms and 3rd edition GURPS, shoegaze and the horrors of Rob Liefeld, late-night trips to Wal-Mart and the first years of MST3K. Joe has some of his artwork available on DeviantART, but it just doesn’t seem like enough. I can remember so many fun bits of artwork from Joe over the years: Joe and Benji as hobbits, the Viking in a snow-covered forest he did for the Lore Con graphic, Fight Man and Gunny Boy (least I THINK that was his), the world’s most hilarious map to a birthday party. Part of that is, I think, Joe’s spontaneity. Many of his pieces are fairly quickly done for a very specific purpose, and the charm and whimsy can make that kind of work ephemeral. He does other drawings too, though: I’m especially fond of his black and white fantasy comics. I sit here over a thousand miles away and raise a glass to a DAMN fine man with a pencil.


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