Hell yeah, cachaça

So I’m apparently doing a series of posts to which my reaction is “Hell yeah!” This weekend I tried cachaça for the first time. It’s a liquor made in Brazil, distilled from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice. It’s the same basic process used to make rhum agricole, but the taste is different–in addition to a subtle, rum-like flavor, cachaça tastes a little bit like the smoothest tequila ever. The classic drink made with it is a caipirinhia: muddle half a lime and two teaspoons of sugar in an Old Fashioned glass, fill with crushed ice, and add a generous pour of cachaça. They go down easy, maybe too easy. Looks like I have another liquor to keep in stock on a regular basis.




One thought on “Hell yeah, cachaça

  1. Tyler says:

    Are you going to the thing at the Reils’ currently coalescing? Maybe you could share the joy of this there?

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