Snowpocalypse of DOOOOOOM

I’m used to cold. I’m used to snow. I’m not used to this much snow all at once with no hope of melting, and the VTrans plows barely able to keep up. I wasn’t able to get the plow guy to my place until about half an hour ago. Earlier, I spent a couple of hours alternatively shoveling a path just a few feet wide and resting my tired old bones just to get my car out. With that done, the plow could do a much better job of clearing the snow out. What’s extra funny is that my door is only about 2 or 3 feet from the highway, so the door I usually use to exit the building is completely plowed in. Fortunately, the downstairs apartment is vacant, so we can just cut through there with a climb over a snowbank to make it to the perilous shoulder of the road.


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