A re-dedication

I’ve been updating sporadically, partly because I often feel that I’m forcing myself to come up with topics, then spending nearly an hour of my day polishing the longer posts. Alternatively, I just feel like getting something up so I’ll post some link I found fun that day. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have decided to make this blog more specialized.

So, welcome to litlblog: Music in an age of plenty. I love how much of humanity’s entire musical output is now available for easy streaming and download. In all modesty, I believe I am quite good at finding good songs and combining them into organic playlists. This is not a very marketable skill anymore, sadly–most radio stations are relying on software to program playlists. Not as good as humans, but costs much less! So expect to see more regular updates with new artists, old favorites, Terpsichorean musings, and streaming playlists.


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