Actors/Musicians 1: She & Him

Once upon a time, actors were expected to sing. Not everyone and everywhen, but there was a long stretch in American theatre and film when an actor who couldn’t sing and dance was at a real disadvantage. We’ve gotten away from that concept of the all-around performer, so I want to take a few posts to salute the folks who still manage to pull it off.

Zooey Deschanel is probably best known for her work on the TV medico/detective series Bones. But she’s also one half of She & Him, a performance duo that evokes a lost, suburban world of pre-Beatles pop music. Deschanel isn’t just a figurehead for producers and publicsts either–the act formed out of a film performance when Deschanel showed her secret songs to producer/guitarist M. Ward. It’s good gentle fun, and the song above is a welcome reprieve from the current depressing April snowstorm.


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