Forward to randomness

My wife has always been a big believer in listening to music randomly. Once upon a time that was done by blindly picking out a cassette tape. We are much, MUCH better at randomly generating music now. I’ve become a convert in recent years myself. Listening to a random selection from my music library is like having a schizophrenic DJ on the radio; I have some idea of what sorts of things I hear, but I can’t really know for sure. It’s reasonably guaranteed that I’ll like what comes on, and the process saves my deciding “Oh, I don’t know what I feel like listening to.” And every once in a while it creates beautiful juxtapositions that you could never have predicted.

In honor of randomness, I’m doing a random selection of tracks from my music library. The first 16 I can find available to stream are linked to below. [add.–OK, too many of the songs were hard to find, but I stuck to the artists in the order they came up!]

Joe W’s Random Playlist, Apr 3


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