Sons and Daughters: electrifying new album

I listen to a lot of music, and quite a bit of that is new music. I was a program director long ago in my college radio days and part of my brain still thinks I’m on the job. So every week I’m hearing new stuff, and most of it isn’t that memorable. Lo-fi DIY pop, rap songs about honeys in da club, noise rock that sounds like Jim Thirwell fucking Animal Collective–it all blends together after a while. But every so often I hear something that makes stop in my tracks and take notice. An album that sets me scrambling to find more about the artist. Music that makes me awake. This is one of those albums: Mirror Mirror from Glasgow indie rockers Sons and Daughters. Their previous albums were good, but perhaps more radio-friendly than this one. Mirror Mirror draws on dark, growling rock and roll from the likes of X and Nick Cave; it’s hard to imagine even the first single playing on The Buzz as I’m tooling around Burlington. Give it a listen for some intense, gothy post-punk.



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