Favorite albums of 2011

It’s done! I need to either start getting paid for this or rethink my strategy. 🙂 I spend a significant amount of time listening to new music. At the end of the year, I spend more time reviewing the lists that I’ve made, thinking about the past year and sometimes changing my opinions. I’m not seeing many patterns in the past year’s music, maybe because it’s all still too close. Last year’s predictions were pretty spot-on I think, so at least that’s gratifying. This year I decided to link to a YouTube playlist of best videos; if you want to hear more from these bands, I highly recommend grooveshark.com. I have plenty of playlists saved there as well. Enjoy!


Songs of 2011

This is just a SLIGHTLY modified collection of my quarterly playlists for the year. I’ll have more regional playlists and a look at some music videos soon. Next up, though: favorite albums of the year. You knew it was coming. 🙂 All the obsessive middle-aged college radio veterans are doing it.