So there’s this comic . . .

Chynna Clugston is one of my favorite comic book creators. I first noticed her as an artist on the series Noble Savages. But it was Blue Monday and Scooter Girl that really won my heart. Both graphic novels deal with youth, obsession, friendship, and enmity in mature, amusing, touching ways.

panel from Scooter Girl

Panel from "Scooter Girl"

Oh, and music. Clugston loves ska, mod, new wave, old R&B, Britpop, and other genres that must make our party soundtracks mighty similar. In Scooter Girl, she even has a soundtrack of sorts: many scenes will have a song that’s supposed to be playing or otherwise setting the mood for the action. Trying to find all those songs when I first read the book would have been a real chore. Now, it was about an hours’ enjoyable work. So for some eclectic Monday listening, please enjoy the soundtrack to Scooter Girl!