Some great streaming radio

A coworker recommended Radio Paradise to me and I’m mighty glad. This husband-and-wife team have been doing Internet radio since its beginning, and the gent was been in broadcast radio way before that. I am, in all humility, a pretty skilled DJ. I’m good at finding those connections between songs, at tracing a path through different musical styles without making the zig-zags too jarring. These DJs show that skill at its best. It’s all human-curated music (not randomly generated from a library), free, with no commercials. The format’s best described as a VERY broad Adult Album Alternative (AAA), and the station plays plenty of album cuts that never saw release on radio or TV. As I write, this, the last five tracks have been by Porcupine Tree, Supergrass, Radiohead, Neko Case, and U2. Radio Paradise is a great choice for streaming music online, especially for those moments when you don’t want to choose WHICH Pandora station or Spotify album to start with.


One thought on “Some great streaming radio

  1. RP is the bomb. The HD slideshow app is pretty cool too. 🙂

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