Zombie movie shuffle

Silly Internet thing! Been a long time since I did one of these. A randomly generated soundtrack zombie apocalypse. Putting my bulky music library on shuffle and let’s see what happens. I’m cheating somewhat here because I have a lot of items in my library that aren’t available streaming. When that happens, I go down to the next song that I can find a source for.

1. Overall theme: “N.W.O.” by Ministry. This is already full of win, even if the rest of this playlist is songs from Disney movies.

2. Killing the first zombie: “Mambo Italiano” by Rosemary Clooney. All right, some comic relief. I get it–some cheesy Italian guy in a nightclub is trying to eat your brains, you have to keep the tables between him and you.

3. Chased by a horde: “Violent Dreams” by Crystal Castles. ‘Nuff said.

4. Killing a loved one: “Stoneface” by Veruca Salt. Couldn’t find a great version of this one online, but the song is PERFECT.

5. Finding a group of survivors: “Rusholme Ruffians” by the Smiths. All right, so we have fellow survivors, but they’re not very likable guys. I’m feelin’ it.

6. Meeting a new love interest: “San Liu” by Wu Man. Your love interest is a hot Asian girl/guy.

7. Making a final stand: “Everything Is Free” by Gillian Welch. Ah, one of those eerie bits where graphic violence is shown while stark acoustic music plays in the background.

8. Thinking we’ve survived it all: “Is That All There Is?” by pj harvey. Wow, that’s really perfect.

9. Discovering a bite mark: “Watch That Man” by David Bowie. “Watch that man / Oh honey watch that man / He talks like a jerk / But he could eat you with a fork and a spoon” OH COME ON

10. End credits: “It’s a Very Deep Sea” by the Style Council.


I was an early fan of Metric, at least for a non-Canadian. When their first full-length debuted (Old World Underground, Where Are You Now) it was my go-to CD for months. Nearly a decade on I’m a little surprised they’re still around. I figured the retro-synthpop sound would fall out of favor, but they’re one of many acts proving that the genre still has plenty of life and fun. Metric aren’t just treading water, either–Emily Haines and company have become better songwriters and have some of the best-produced albums in pop. If you want to bop around in your chair, give it a listen.

Metric – Synthetica


New music from Metric

Mid-tempo dance music for goths

I wish there were more bands like 2:54. Not grinding industrial, not pounding electro, not aimless darkwave synths. Just straightforward goth rock with a declamatory alto singer, Daniel Ash-ian guitar playing, and a steady beat that lets you bob around making weird hand motions in the air. Dark cheers to them and best of luck with their future. Their self-titled first album came out this week.