Fun at Spielpalast

Had a great time this past weekend at the Spielpalast Cabaret performance in Burlington. I’ve written about modern cabaret music pretty recently, so it was great to see a proper scandalous burlesque performance troupe right in Burlington. The performances weren’t all top-notch but they were amusing, energetic, and fun. And a few really stood out! One of the characters was Nym Fauxmenya, a wild child from the Siberian woods.


© 2013 Jody Fenton Photography
So yeah, she was kinda insatiable. And she sung all about it! Fun, provocative, and well-choreographed, she was inserting household objects, fingers and tongues of other dancers, everything. The whole time she sang a rollicking operatic piece by Offenbach, “Les oiseaux dans la charmille” from The Tales of Hoffman. Not as good as the performance below, but a very respectable rendition.

Parts of the piece were redone as a duet for coloratura sopranos; the arrangement and performance of the cabaret band was impeccable. If you want to see a fun and very adult show, looks like tickets are still available.


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