the Saxons: old New Orleans band

In the early 1960s my dad joined a band called the Saxons. They recorded a number of singles, but the only one remembered today is “Camel Walk.” It’s a really good example of the kind of instrumental rock that was popular at the time, after the first flush of rock and roll but before Beatlemania. Incidentally, putting out singles was pretty easy back in those days–all the big companies were switching to new machines to press vinyl so the old ones could be bought for a song. I’ve never even seen any of the other records they recorded, but long ago my dad recorded them to cassette. My brother then took the frail old tape and digitized the songs. The audio quality is about what you’d expect from a second-generation copy of a poor source, but it’s perfectly listenable. It’s nice to get this family history online finally. I’ve put up a playlist here:


One thought on “the Saxons: old New Orleans band

  1. Bambi Godwin Shamah says:

    My dad was also in the Saxons. His name was Arthur “Skip” Godwin. Sadly he has passed. Thanks for this site!!!

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